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Riz Boardshorts have one simple mission - to create the most beautiful, sustainable swim shorts. Each unique print incorporates themes of endangered flora and fauna native to Britain to inspire an appreciation for the natural world around us.
The designs are digitally printed onto fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and constructed with uncompromising craftsmanship. I am so proud to be able to offer these shorts here at The Mantique!
A quick guide to the different styles to help you find your perfect pair:
Braunton - Mid-long length short, slim fit and tailored. If you're between sizes then definitely go up a size.
Burgh - Mid length short, regular fit with no side seams. 
Buckler - A short version of the Braunton so again, if you're between sizes then do go up a size.
Blyth - The most relaxed fit of all the styles, with an elasticated waistband and mid length.

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