Hygge moments

January 22, 2017

Hygge moments

I meet some really interesting people in the shop and end up chatting about all sorts of things. One couple popped in for the first time today and we got chatting about that Scandinavian term Hygge so I thought I’d do a little research about what it is (and how you pronounce it!).

Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, Hygge is a Scandinavian term which roughly translates as ‘a feeling of cosiness’. The term has become a world-wide trend over the last year or so and now I know a little more about it I can totally understand why!

So what is Hygge?

It’s all about taking pleasure from the simple things in life and appreciating the special moments in everyday activities.

Hygge moments image by Josh Applegate
Putting your technology away to get back to nature. Take a flask of hot chocolate with you, laced with Cointreau of course!
Hygge moments image by Cerys Lowe

Lighting some candles and sitting in front of a log fire.

Hygge moments image by Pavan Trikutam


Having fun with your kids (without checking Facebook every 10 minutes).
Hygge moments image by Jenn Richardson

I’ve seen the effects of the trend here at The Mantique too. Customers are drawn to the cosy flannel pyjamas and the handmade merino wool scarves. People can’t help touching the soft fabrics whilst imagining being snuggled up at home. Pyjamas have certainly gained in popularity again, I think people appreciate coming in from work and getting comfy so they can truly relax.

Hygge moments cosy merino lambswool scarves and flannel pyjamas 

Chances are you’ve been embracing the trend without realising. I had a few days off from the shop between Christmas and New Year and I treated myself to a cosy new blanket courtesy of the John Lewis sale as well as a couple of new cushions. I then spent a very happy (and much needed) few hours reading a good book whilst snuggled under the new blanket with the dog. It was bliss! I’ve found myself choosing really chilled acoustic tunes to play in the shop too. It just seems to match the current mood for a relaxed way of living, particularly at this time of the year when we naturally want to get cosy.

I’ll leave you with some gorgeous images to inspire you to embrace Hygge this weekend. Have a happy Sunday people, I’m off to buy some tulips for my home!


Hygge moments image by Annie Spratt
Hygge moments image by Kimson Doan
Hygge moments image by Andrew Branch
Hygge moments image by Alisa Anton
Hygge moments image by Evelyn Mostrom


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