How To Be A Modern Day Mr Darcy

February 05, 2019

How To Be A Modern Day Mr Darcy

Modern popular culture would have us believe Jane Austen was a romantic writer, all about the swooning ladies and dashing gentlemen. Her writing indeed does feature a healthy dose of that however what she excelled at was astute satirical observations, whilst providing tips and guiding on how to live the life in society at the time.

Manliness and masculinity have recently been the hot topics everywhere - and in the spirit of turning to the experts, I’ve asked a rhetorical question ‘What would Jane do?’ and looked at some of the gentlemen in her book Pride & Prejudice. The two main protagonists have been an inspiration behind the name of my shop and Pride & Prejudice remains to this day one of my most favourite novels to read at any time of the year.

Read on below, as I’ve picked 6 of my favourite products that will help you to become a modern day Mr Darcy.

organic white cotton shirt

Who could forget the memorable moment when Mr Darcy has emerged from the pond in the TV version. Whilst I can’t secure the same shirt that made the history, this organic white cotton herringbone shirt by Arthur Henry comes pretty close. And as Jane Austen has aptly written, it’s not Fitzwilliam Darcy’s antics in the pond that won our hearts - it was his kindness and being reliable in any situation.

Liz and Fitz men's shoes collection. Cranwell chocolate brown leather Chelsea boots

When we first meet Darcy, he’s not entirely the charmer of the story - but he does have a solid presence and you can rely on him to do the right thing. I like to think these chocolate Cranwell boots by Thomas Partridge would be just the kind of footwear that would suit his rational nature.

Liz and Fitz men's shaving accessories. Captain Fawcett safety razor

Mr Darcy of the books and the movies is always presentable - whether it is when he’s declaring his intentions to marry Elizabeth or confronting the wicked Wickham. Manliness is also about looking after yourself and adopting an uncomplicated routine that would compliment whatever the day throws at you. The safety razor from Captain Fawcett will provide you with a good starting point!


dalliance and noble wise parrot silk pocket square

When we are first introduced to Mr Darcy, he is described as ‘a bit of a young fool’ with a 10,000 a year and a Pemberley mansion to match. He’s likely to cut a dashing figure on social occasions and I’m confident he’d be keen on this eye-catching blue parrot pocket square exclusively designed for Liz & Fitz by Dalliance & Noble.

brunswick sunglasses

As an outdoorsman, interested in country pursuits, Mr Darcy would likely benefit from these Brunswick tortoiseshell sunglasses. Don’t let the concept confuse you - there is nothing manly in letting your eyes suffer in bright conditions. Suitable for sports, social and leisure, sunglasses should definitely be part of your accessories.

sartorial sock company east india saffron

Mr Darcy is shown to be conscientious of his social status and class, however he is also willing to admit when he’s wrong and adapt to the matters at hand. With the attention to detail I’m sure he’d be keen on quality British made hosiery such as these East India saffron yellow socks by the London Sock Company.


So what would Jane do in our modern society? She’s already shown that manliness isn’t some new concept - if anything manliness is about the strength of character, kindness and genuine concern. Add a few carefully chosen pieces as your ‘props’ and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a modern day Mr Darcy.


Come and explore the stylish British designed collections at Liz & Fitz to suit any situation!

Liz x

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