Gentleman’s Guide: How To Shave Properly

January 21, 2019

Gentleman’s Guide: How To Shave Properly

When talking about the gentleman’s grooming routine, things can get very detailed and quite complicated pretty quickly. Some men prefer going to their trusted barber, some like the comfort of their own bathroom. One must also take into account the frequency of shave required and before you know it, the simple act of shaving has grown to a big task.

I’ve asked the lovely gentlemen customers at Liz & Fitz for a few tips on home shaving routine and put together this gentleman's guide on how to shave properly to help you on the way towards a smooth and ‘nick’ free shaving experience.

Liz and Fitz guide to men's shaving featuring Dear Barber shave oil

“Prep is the key to success. Spend an extra minute or two in the shower to allow your facial hair to soften. Once in front of the mirror, use shave oil to reduce irritation. I like this one by Dear Barber for its subtle scent and non-greasy formula.”

Liz and Fitz men's shaving guide with Captain Fawcett badger shaving brush

“For sure, you can apply your shaving foam or gel with your fingers, I prefer this badger hair shaving brush. It makes for a luxurious, evenly distributed lather, perfect for a close wet shave. Thanks to a nice design with a subtle Captain Fawcett logo and faux ivory handle, it looks good displayed on bathroom shelf to dry naturally.”

shave biscuit

“I’ve tried many shaving products to soften my facial hair but none came close to using a proper shave biscuit. It works really well with my shave brush and as it comes from the same Dear Barber range as my shave oil, it became a natural part of my shaving routine.”

Liz and Fitz men's shaving guide featuring Captain Fawcett safety razor with Gilette Mach 3 blades

“This handcrafted safety razor is very easy to use - it fits standard Mach 3 blades, the handle sits nice and smooth in your palm and it is perfectly balanced for a close shave - never any nicks! I’ve seen the chrome and faux ivory design on other Captain Fawcett products from the shaving range and will definitely come back for more.”

pocket beard comb

“I use a pocket beard comb to get my unruly moustache into proper shape. My wife bought me this one by Captain Fawcett and it has been my travelling companion wherever I go and want to look polished.”

dear barber aftershave

“I’ve always been a man that appreciates a good aftershave. I enjoy subtle and fresh scents, light enough to wear every day. ‘With Confidence’ by Dear Barber is my current go-to!”

For those little moments of luxury, take your time and shop our shaving range to discover your individual good shave. Thank you, gentlemen, for sharing your shaving tips!

Liz x

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