Brand Stories - British Boxers

March 02, 2017

Brand Stories - British Boxers

Every brand showcased at The Mantique is carefully chosen for their quality, individuality and provenance. It is so important for us to know the story behind every product and brand we work with and I’d like to share with you these stories so you get a better understanding of how we choose the products we offer.

First up is British Boxers, our supplier of luxury underwear and nightwear for Gentlemen who appreciate comfort and great design details.

British Boxers logo

British Boxers was established in 2012 by Deborah Price, a wonderful lady who has worked incredibly hard to achieve her aim of producing knockout undies and nightwear designed for luxurious comfort whilst keeping traditional British quality and design at the heart of the brand.

Prior to starting the business, Deb was a textile designer and nightwear buyer for some of the top department stores across the world. She decided to leave her job so she could care for her daughter, who had been diagnosed with a serious disability. Deb isn’t the sort of person who sits back and lets life go by though and she set about establishing a brand that supported British manufacturing whilst providing her daughter with a job opportunity within the family business. British Boxers started out as a market stall and has grown to a fantastic brand, stocked in the best boutiques, including of course The Mantique! You can shop the range here

 British Boxers nightwear men's pyjamas available from The Mantique Winchester

The name ‘British Boxers’ is a nod to her Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Jem Mace who was the first World heavyweight boxing champion, and from what I can gather, a bit of a hell raiser! Deb has clearly inherited some of his fight, building up a fantastic brand and product range, despite dealing with lots of challenges along the way.

Deb, you are an inspiration!

 Deborah Price from British Boxers. Luxury underwear and nightwear available from The Mantique Winchester

Here's a few questions with the lady herself:

What have you got planned for British Boxers this year?

We've got a really exciting year planned. We're launching our casual polo shirts and hoodies and we have a new collection of boxer shorts coming out in a few weeks and then our stunning new men's and women's nightwear collection for the Autumn too. But before all of that we have to shoot it all and get it up on the website and that all happens at the end of April and through into May. So there are a busy few weeks ahead. I'm really excited about launching the new collection. We've been bold with colour and the quality of our products is stunning too. Luxury is key to us, so understanding soft fabric, precision seams so they are wonderfully soft against the skin is paramount and nothing shouts testament to that more than all the repeat customers we now get.

As you're such a busy lady, what do you do to relax?

Well, I don't have much time to relax really. I run British Boxers and juggle that with caring for my ten year old who has a genetic disability called Williams Syndrome, meaning she has learning difficulties and medical problems. Then there's a 6 year old too who is full of energy. It's all a bit of a mish mash but I love it. 

Who is your role model?

My mum. She's brilliant. She wrote books and had 3 kids, I don't know how she did it either!

Who is your male style hero?

Grey Fox. You can read his blog at it's well worth a read. He's such a superstar because he's elegantly stylish, yet takes such time and care to get to know the brands and the people he champions. He's the perfect gentleman and the joy he finds in detail, comfort and occasion shines through his writing and photography. He writes his blog aimed at older gentlemen yet actually many of his blogs span the generations and his advice about dressing should be heeded by the younger chaps too. 

What are your three top tips for working mums?

1) Don't hang about - make your decision. 

2) Maybe a bit more specific but it was a top tip that the best nurse in the world from CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health service) gave me years ago. I kept feeling awful every time I was cross with my daughter when she was "naughty." I didn't want to tell a kid off if it was part of her disability. What sort of old dragon would that make me. CAMHS just said "Forget it. You're the mum in a really difficult situation. If you want to tell your kid off do it, clearly be mindful that some things she can't help and pick your battles carefully but get rid of all that guilt and carry on as you were" it was liberating and filled me with so much confidence. It just stopped me analysing everything and gave me more space to be her mum and do my work too. 

3) Don't beat yourself up too much about the iPhone either. That little phone has meant that you can work *and* be their mum. They are learning how to be people in a different world to the one we learned in and we need to stop questioning everything and just get on with it all.

Thank you Deb, we can't wait to stock your new products which will be available soon from The Mantique!

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